Hey team. I’m sitting here trying to catch my breath so to speak.

It’s been such a crazy few weeks I’m not sure where to start and am unclear in what order it happened. I’ll just list stuff off in random order as I think of it.

Stupid Robot Fighting League featured on our national broadcaster’s prime time show Seven Sharp (TVNZ).

I drove up to Auckland with all my robot gear and a boot load of rubbish. Two reporters (Lucas De Jong and Tim Wilson) went through the whole process of building their own robots and fighting them live. I was blown away by how dedicated they were to getting the job done and creating good TV using such a weird concept.

Check out the links for video of the event:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEi4PIQw-Y4 (VLOG)

https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/stupid-robot-fighting-nzs-diy-answer-high-tech-wars (main story)

https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/seven-sharp/episodes/s2017-e205 (you will need a free account to see this)

We went to Rotorua and had two fights at the NZMDA (New Zealand Metal Detectors Association) Seeded Hunt. It was a nice change of scenery with plenty of botty mayhem. In the second fight we saw our first knockout achieved by a series of groin kicks.

SRFL got featured on the front cover on the Weekend Sun news paper. Two reporters had a fight :).

Te Puke Markets hosted us again. We saw 4 fighters going at it. A few prizes were on offer thanks to Te Puke Mitre 10, Get Cultured Probiotic Drinks, and BurgerFuel.

Dave and Claire from Get Cultured Probiotic Drinks had a Stupid Robot Fight and we recorded it for YouTube.

Lots of other things are going on. I’ve had so many fights that I’m well behind with my editing. What a wonderful place to be :).

Thanks for checking out robotfightingshop.com. I plan to make another Amazon Affiliate website focusing on the tools used in Stupid Robot Fighting League. I’ll keep you posted.


Thank so much.

John Espin