Wishing you a happy new year from robotfightingshop.com

Thanks for stopping by and having a browse.

This year is looking to be huge for Stupid Robot Fighting League and robotfightingshop.com. Why? Firstly looking at last year, that was massive, newspapers, live TV, market fights, the launching of robotfightingshop.com, our first sales, new bots, new sponsors….

So what happening with this year?

I plan to launch Ugly Sweater Fighting. Don’t know what  that is? Watch this space.

More fights with SRFL. More wreckage!

A new simpler frame for the robots to fight on. It is dubbed the Rectagon. You will learn why in time to come.

More collaborations with other YouTubers. We have one well through the pipes at the moment. Keep an eye out!

What about the shop? I plan to launch the same sort of shop like this but in using the Amazon in Australia. This means I can sell in Australia and New Zealand.

I’ll continue to update the shops as new stuff rolls into Amazon that fits my niche.

Always remember, if you wish to support Stupid Robot Fighting League with your Amazon shopping, please open this link to go to Amazon. Any purchases you make provide SRFL with a small commission at no extra cost to you. Also please book mark it for easy reference. YOU RULE!!!