Currently we have had no questions asked of us as this shop is very new. If you ask us a question it may be included here.

Here are some questions I imagine our customers may ask in the future:

“How can I know this online shop is a legitimate business?”

Robot Fighting Shop uses part of a system that Amazon set up called “Amazon Associates”. You may wish to look this up on Google. The basic process is, we set up a website that links to Amazon’s products. Once you have made your selections and go to checkout you are dealing directly with Amazon. Amazon as you probably know the biggest online store in the world. Their returns policy and speed of processing is amazing.

Robot Fighting Shop is acting like a niche middle man between you and Amazon. The thing to remember is your purchase with Robot Fighting Shop is at no extra cost to you.

“What is Stupid Robot Fighting League?”

Stupid Robot Fighting League is a new crazy backyard sport I have invented. It’s quite hard to explain. Please check out this video. You should get the idea.