Have you ever seen Battlebots? What? You haven’t? Stop reading.

Watch this… click here

Now watch this… click here

Cool now we are friends again.

I’ve been following Battlebots on any video source I could find for maybe a year now. I soooo love the destruction and scale of the whole thing.

The bots are massive. If you compare the size of them compared to a human it blows my mind.

Check out the team photos here.

When I think about the size of the spinners and how the bots are getting launched I just have to hope that the plexi-glass is in good shape. Man those parts fly.

So Battlebots. Is there going to be a season three? I’m aware that there are lots of people hoping so. The Battlebots website said they are waiting for the green light from ABC if I read it correctly. Do you know something I don’t? Do tell :).

I’m a big fan of trick shot kings Dude Perfect too. They even did a special on Battlebots. Check it out here. I was stoked to see them on the band wagon. Tombstone makes an appearance doing what it does best.

So we have a few Battlebot goodies listed in our store. Check them out here if you want your own piece of the action.